Cata hosted a party at La Foodieteca to show off the amazing ROCOOK Induction and Little Miss Lola Production was invited to join in the fun.

The Fashiop startup team hired us to create and produce the concept of the video and the photos for their website. After working with them this is the resulting video. Check out more of our work at

An eclectic group of ceramic artists from all around the world came together at ElTornBarcelona for a two week symposium and Little Miss Lola Productions was there to capture the action.

Reynaers Aluminium has created a series of cooking parties with professional chefs at top end locations and Little Miss Lola Productions was hired to film the event.  

Teacher Collective is a group of well qualified, experienced and passionate teachers who provide in-company classes, exam preparation courses, summer workshops, and full immersion residential courses.

Marta de la Hoz explains how through the Grinberg Method she fought to "get back" the arm she lost to polio as a baby. 45 year later, thanks to sessions of the Grinberg Method, her will and the intense training she adhered to, she is regaining use of her arm and is able to live her life like never before.

Koré is a holistic center that provides natural care, education and aesthetic treatments located in Barcelona, Spain.

La Createca is a new business in l'Eixampla that opened in May of 2013 that is made up of two rooms: one of the rooms is designed for cultural activities (theater rehearsals, presentations, workshops, and small shows) and the other room is a bar that specializes in tapas.

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