Monkey Girl is a music video directed by Amanda De Luis, from Little Miss Lola Productions, for the band The Modern Poppers. The artistic and technical crew are from Barcelona and also from the USA. It is a low-budget project but the lack of money is completely compensated by the care and passion of the team.
"El Compromís" takes place in Barcelona in the 50s when fascists ruled the country and social norms were very repressive. It tells the story of Laura, a young woman from a rich family who is in love with Pedro, a gentleman from a wealthy family in south Spain. Laura doesn’t want to get engaged with Pedro because he likes to live la dolce vita. Pedro, in his last attempt to gain Laura’s hand, promises to change. Written and directed by Amanda De Luis. 
This is the trailer for a TV project called SUPPER CLUB. Directed, produced and edited by Kevin Harrison. Paul-Michel Ledoux was the Director of Photography. Little Miss Lola Productions provided assistance with field production, sound and camera in Barcelona. 
3 Days in 3 Minutes is a high speed look at the making of the music video Monkey Girl by the Modern Poppers.  3 Days in 3 Minutes was shot simultaneously while shooting the more traditional Making Of Monkey Girl Photo Slideshow. Both of the videos were shot and edited by Edwin Toone from Little Miss Lola Productions. 
This slideshow is a quick look at the making of the Monkey Girl music video shot in and around Barcelona. The music from in the slideshow is Final Chance by the Modern Poppers. Shot and edited by Edwin Toone.
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