This video was done for the NGO, CRHP Jamkhed, not only to explain their Adolescent Boy Program but also to be used as the cornerstone of a fund raising campaign that raised $7000 for the same program.
One of the primary goals of the program is to curb violence towards women in rural India by educating adolescent boys about gender equality and personal responsibility. So far the program has been very successful in areas where it has been implemented. 
¡Qué rico es! is a national campaign to promote responsible consumption in Ecuador. This video was done as part of this campaign in coordination with the Colectivo Nacional Agroecológico, EkoRural, and Groundswell International.

Un poco del Chocó is a private conservation project in the Northwest of Ecuador which was founded in 2009 by the German Biologist Nicole Büttner (MSc) and her Ecuadorian husband Wilo Vaca. This video was produced to increase awareness about the project and help promote the different programs offered there. 
The Comprehensive Rural Health Project Jamkhed has been working among India's rural poor and marginalized since 1970. Working directly at grass root levels through mobilization of community groups, CRHP has demonstrated that long lasting positive transformation is achievable through relatively simple yet far reaching interventions.
CRHP Jamkhed runs a preschool program known as Joyful Learning for poor and disadvantaged children to build their self-esteem, improve their health, and help them develop so they can enter the mainstream of society. Activities include learning through play and creativity, nutritious meals, building healthy relationships, and eliminating negative cultural influences such as caste barriers and the poor status of women. Children attend our free on-site preschool staffed by a full time teacher.
Las Tolas is a trend-setting community in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest of the Andes Mountains that offers a variety of volunteer and learning opportunities. This video was produced in order to give future volunteers a glimpse of what to expect and in an effort to raise awareness about the programs offered at Las Tolas.
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